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Another Charity show

October 28, 2007 Leave a comment
TCS 8 (Singapore’s free-to-air TV channel) is showing a charity show today. How many charity shows is this already?
The seventh one?
The constant bombardment of charity shows is an overkill. Perhaps, we should have a free-to-air charity channel eh?
Feeling burpy and gassed up; ugh. BURP.
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Shaking building…

October 16, 2007 Leave a comment
I work in a shaky building. Apparently, it shivers and trembles now and then for some unknown reason.
Remarked it to Jenny.
"It’s quite common leh. Maybe it’s downstairs." said Jenny.
What are the downstairs people doing?
Do they ram vans and forklifts into the side of the building? Damn bizzare.
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