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November 30, 2008 Leave a comment

I got this off Boing Boing. Magibon’s a youtube starlet because she’s an American who looks like she came straight out from a Manga.

Magibon Video. I think she’s singing something.

Magibon’s is a 22-year old girl of mixed American/Japanese parentage with a big crush on all things Japanese.

She’s got those huge manga eyes that emote Anime cuteness. Frankly, I don’t expect Manga-lovers to walk straight after goggling at her videos.

Anyway, her entire repertoire of videos consists of opening her eyes real big, staring at the web cam, speaking some Japanese, making cutesy actions — for example, the "V" sign (what’s up with that?) — and singing.

It’s not really a bad thing. After all, there’s worse crap on Youtube. But it’s only good for a 2-minute jaunt between deadlines and deader deadlines.

Still, she’s damn "Kawaii" and that works for me. 🙂

PS: She’s actually popular enough for parodies. Now that’s fame for you!

Magibon Paraody. Cute Girl, Filthy Mouth = Hentai Career?

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Amy Winehouse shot in the head by William S. Burroughs

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Sheeeet! Amy "Rehab. No No No. One more drink!" Winehouse was shot dead by William Burroughs (Author of the Naked Lunch) in an art gallery somewhere in Manhattan.

Full Story here. And bring your martinis.

Video of the day: Naked Lunch Trailer by David Cronnenberg

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Death by toys… What a way to start the giving.

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Tis the season to be jolly… Falalala…

Tell that to the Wal-Mart guy who got trampled on by people rushing for toys (source: Seattle Times. You can also google "Black Friday Death"). Geez. TOYS. Not food. Not water. Not life-saving drugs. But TOYS!!! Little plastic things with fixed grins and squishy bodies.

In other news: two cowboys squared off at a Toys R Us in California. Their women were having a cat-fight. And it upset their boys. Now them bitches got no boys after the guys blew each other’s brains out with well-placed bullets. (The bullets must have been damn accurate. That Toys R Us was thronged with kids, moms, dads and silly fuckers.)

So toys make people mad? Well ban the plastic!

But what do we do with the people?

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New Blog on Tech at

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve made a new blog at called Technology Ticks at It’s all about cool technology and how it changes us.

Do drop by, read up, leave a message and spread the word!

See y’all there.

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My blog’s traffic stats…

November 24, 2008 Leave a comment

…really suck. I get on average 13 reads a day and 3/4 of them go to this post on "Bouncing Breasts". Geez…. the wonders of SEO and filthy minds (:D).


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New Curriculum: Go Get a Date or you get “F”!

November 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Wahahahah…. damn funny. I was googling for information on "Singapore Youth Attitudes" and I got this article by the Herald Tribune on dating classes held in Polytechnics.

Sadly, we’re a lackluster and hopeless bunch when it comes to dating and sex. I would like to be in one of those classes (if only to meet nubile, young things to do nubile, not-so-young things with. ROWR!!!).

I love this paragraph: "In 1991, for example, when the government began offering cash bonuses to couples with more than two children, the newspaper printed tips for having sex in the back seat of a car, including directions to some of the "darkest, most secluded and most romantic spots" for parking.

It suggested covering the windows with newspapers for privacy."

And Singaporeans say that the government don’t care!

Source: A different kind of homework for Singapore students: Get a date – International Herald Tribune

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment

…is long past. And many old things rushed at me today.

I believe I met an ex-girlfriend on the bus today. She sat behind me swathed in a long brown dress. (Perhaps she understands how to wear them now.) I was on the way to work. She… I don’t know where she was headed to, but she dropped off at CK Tangs.

We did not acknowledge each other.

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

After work, I drank at Coffee Bar K — a classy bar with bartenders who look at you and make fine cocktails — which I’ve not drank in for nearly a year. It’s still fine indeed. I ordered a strong cocktail, a little sweet, no gin-base. Anthony (a young Japanese chap) explained his mix, "I see you come in hot. I wanted to cool you down. So I made a fizzy drink for you. Strong but sweet drinks makes it hard to taste the alcohol."

Two drinks tonight for $21. One for one. Quiet. Well mixed drinks. A gem.

I see no reason why gunpowder, treason

On the way home, I popped into Bullfrog at Crown Centre. It was a sad empty bar staffed by aunties and not-so-young China girls. I had a Guinness draft ($13). They didn’t accept VISA. I went with a China girl with charmingly disheveled hair and wide eyes to draw money. "我已经做了八个月!" she said in her lilting accent when I mentioned that it wasn’t like that six months ago.

Should ever be forgot… (Guy Fawke’s Night)

Indeed, a day for remembrances.

Listen to 草戒指 by Y2J

"愛不愛都痛 我以為我懂 最後你要自由. 忘了溫柔要套在手中…"

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